In order to enhance the customers’ confidence of handling us over their precious and valuable items, we are working to not only simply the tariff but also to offer the insurance coverage by UBL. In this regards, effective Jan 1st 2019 we will be offering the insurance coverage as followings:

  • Initially insurance will not be offered against DOX (ordinary & Extra Care).
  • Insurance will not be available against eatable & perishable items.
  • Insurance against valuable items Mobile, Laptops, LED & other valuable items will be offered @ 2% of the invoice value if the item is brand new.
  • The upper limit of any item is 100k and insurance will not be offered beyond the ceiling.
  • If the item is used then it may be insured at 50% of the invoice value.
  • The insurance will not be applicable to precious items identified in our contraband list (Jewelry/Antiques etc.).
  • In case insurance is opted then this will be paid up front. Insurance will not be applied for TOPAY, FOC & Discounted Shipments.
  • For all insurable items, if the insurance is not opted then this will be on customer’s risk without any claim and (Insurance Offered But Refused) will be printed on consignment slip.