Daewoo Cargo was established alongside the Daewoo Express bus business in 1998. At the time, Daewoo Express was unique in using its transport buses for moving organized cargo as well. Since its inception Daewoo’s popularity as the swiftest mover of cargo has been increasing and today, Daewoo Cargo is used as a “generic term” meaning sending parcel by bus!!

In addition to the buses, a fleet of Liner Trucks has also been added to the Cargo fleet in order to efficiently transport the extra business generated since the past few years. Apart from the addition of Liner Trucks, cargo management teams have been beefed up at 6 of our major terminals (Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar and Faisalabad) in order to cater to the high amount of the daily inflow/outflow of cargo.

In 2014, Daewoo cargo drew up a plan to set up a nationwide franchise network in addition to the cargo centers at Daewoo terminals and other company operated cargo points at various locations in major cities. Presently, there are 85 franchises and 62 company operated cargo centers/cargo points in Pakistan.

In 2017, Daewoo Cargo was rebranded as Daewoo FastEX. Daewoo Fast operational model is very attractive for customers, as items are sent out to destinations the moment they are received at our terminals, thanks to our high-running frequency of bus departures throughout the country. Deliveries are therefore usually made within hours of drop-off, giving us an edge over the competition that exists, even till-date. The service provided by Daewoo FastEX is something which only an established bus company can deliver. As a result of Daewoo Cargo’s consistent services over the years, the organization has managed to establish a strong reputation for being safe, reliable and quick to deliver.

Daewoo FastEX has recently introduced delivery at doorstep in major cities, Daewoo Greetings, and Daewoo COD. Daewoo FastEX has also signed up with DHL Pakistan for handling international cargo through dedicated DHL counters at Daewoo Terminals and pickup points.