Welcome To Daewoo Fastex Cargo & Logistics Service!

Daewoo FastEx Service has been facilitating our valued customers since the inception of Daewoo Express in Pakistan. Our Cargo Setups, adjacent to all terminals, are open 24/7 providing Safe & Speedy dispatch and delivery of cargo consignments to our clients. In addition to the main bus terminals we have several Cargo collection points (for both booking and delivery) strategically located all across the country.

Traditionally, Daewoo utilized the buses for the transport of cargo, which is still being done, but with an increase in demand of our cargo service we have inducted a fleet of trucks to haul cargo across our nationwide network without compromising on time. The transit time of our trucks is comparable to Daewoo Express Buses. In short, the induction of the fleet of trucks has increased our capacity and helped us in being punctual in delivering the cargo.


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Our Mission

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  • Freight Security
  • compliance service
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  • Drive Continuous Improvement
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  • Environmentally Responsible